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I am a Writer (Tell Your Story)

En el curso de "English Composition I" de la Universidad de Duke, que inicié hace unos días a través de la plataforma virtual Coursera, me pidieron hacer un breve ensayo acerca de cómo me veía yo como escritor y cuáles son los hitos que resaltan en mi vida como escritor. El resultado me pareció suficientemente simpático como para compartirse en el blog:

My name is José M. Garay, a 42 years old professional living in Lima, Peru. The most writing material I produce at this time is related to my job: I work in the risk management field, specifically in an insurance company, and I need to write a lot of emails, reports and presentations. But looking backwards, the first memory I have as a writer is when I was 13 and got so impressed after watching The Omen on TV that I decided to write that story on paper. My mother had a typewriter at home, so I used it to write some movies I had seen and after some time I started to create my own fiction stories.

After many years, at 2006, I v…